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Notice a child not fitting in well in school?


Our Mission

Shadow Advantage was borne as a result of our witnessing the numerous barriers that some students had to go through while attempting to cope in a typical school environment. It is from this experience that we desire to see initially struggling students gain real communication skills and acquire sound learning behavior in dynamic and changeable classroom situations. Our mission therefore is to select the most suitable shadows with appropriate qualifications and background and equip them with the highest level of training possible to be an outstanding shadow.

What is Shadow Support?

A shadow support (sometimes called a shadow teacher) is a trained professional who can help a struggling student learn effectively and integrate in a mainstream school environment. Students with conditions such as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, severe language learning difficulties, mild cognitive deficits, and ADHD will struggle at some stage of their classroom lives. Yet, studies have shown that when these students are given the appropriate level of shadow support, they can thrive in a mainstream environment. Under the guidance of a great shadow, academic goals are made possible, alongside skills of communication and organization.