This is what some of our shadow support trainees had to say

"The Shadow Support training was extremely useful. We met the whole range of professionals involved. They gave us their perspectives and tools to analyse, solve social, behavioural and learning issues. They made us aware of the challenges of the role and gave us a guiding frame to use and reflect on while shadowing.”

- Madeleine SY

"I am very satisfied with the training. All of my questions regarding the functions/responsibilities of SST were properly explained. Knowing my role/responsibilities and expectations as a SST is very essential for me to be successful in this field."

- May Ann

“Every part of the training gave adequate information and a lot of questions on inhibitions that a prospective shadow might have were answered. The tips and strategies used are useful. It is also comforting to know that with Total Communications, a shadow need not work alone and has the support of SLPs and others involved with the child.”

- Alpana Pal

“Many of the things taught were very practical skills and knowledge, as many speakers showed their own work experiences. The training covered a wide range of topics and the trainers were encouraging.”

- Khoo Ser Wee

“I was very satisfied with the course content and the real life situations discussed during the course. This gave me a proper understanding of expectations and job role of a shadow support teacher; strategies to go about problem / concern areas; communicating the best way with all stakeholders and contributing in the development of a child, I can say that I know what to expect”

- Kokila Shukla

“I like the way the class was conducted: small and focused. Being someone who has no experience in handling children with special needs, I think that this training has greatly opened my eyes. It made me want to give support to these children even more. The speakers of the various topics gave really detailed explanations whenever questions are raised.”

- Noratiqah Talib